So, you have set up the blog, got loads of interesting ideas for articles, robots and spiders are crawling everywhere, Adsense is configured and has already produced a massive return of 0.27USD and you are all set to go. One last problem, what are you actually going to call this blog ?

What’s in a name ? Well quite a lot actually. I usually like to read the title and extended description of any blogs I encounter. I think the title alone can tell you quite a lot about the author and the content.

Unfortunately, I am totally devoid of imagination. That’s one of the reasons I was never in a band. I simply would never be able to think up song and album titles let alone lyrics. The other reasons are that I can not play any musical instruments, sing or dance.

My imaginative offering for the name of my blog is currently ‘Andy C’ for the title and ‘Blog in Isolation’ for the description as it seems quite apt. Originally, this blog started out in life hosted at blogger, under a large black cape of anonymity and was called ‘RomanTotaleXVII’ because no-one in the world knows what it means (the name is a character from a Fall song).

‘Blog in Isolation’ is a reference to a wonderful song ‘Soul in Isolation’ by the most underrated band in Manchester - The Chameleons.

Other candidate titles considered were:

  • Andy C’s blog (boring but plenty of people use it!)
  • The Wonderful And Frightening World… (The Fall)
  • Open Up Your Eager Eyes (The Killers)
  • Oracle Performance Tuning with Hit Ratio Harry (may yet appear as an article)
  • View From A Hill (The Chameleons)
  • Pedantry Begins At Home (oblique reference to The Smiths)
  • In My Area (The Fall)
  • Under The Covers with Norman Brightside (useful opening slide for technical presentations)
  • Oracle Oldies Blog (featuring dictionary managed tablespaces, constant reorganisations, manual rollback segments and configuration of sort_area_[retained]_size)
  • This is the way, step inside (Joy Division)
  • The life and times of a (failed) dot com millionaire
  • 77 Barton Road (where Ian Curtis took his life - too morbid)
  • The NWRA (The North Will Rise Again - The Fall)