Take some time to think of ideas and develop content for the blog. I tend to jot down lots of different ideas for possible brilliant, informative articles for the blog. However, most get discarded as when I subsequently re-read them, I discover that they don’t even make sense or interest me. Some ideas are developed and refined over a longer period while other blog entries are more spontaneous.

As you are composing the article, review the text carefully as you go. If the blog editor has a ‘Preview’ option, use it to review the text again before finally hitting ‘Publish’. When the article is published, review it yet again. I almost always still manage to find a nonsensical or rambling sentence on this final pass. I also subscribe to my own feed and read the article in Thunderbird where there is still scope to find the odd typo which is irritating as it means modifying and re-publishing the entry.

Although you are not writing an essay for an English exam, people are more likely to enjoy the content if the article is well structured and readable, spelled correctly and free of careless typos. I prefer to use English and avoid the use of slang or text message speak.

Keep the article short. Maybe I am unusual but I have a very short attention span. If a blog entry is five pages long then I am unlikely to persevere right through to the end unless it really is compulsive reading. Similarly, I tend to break articles into short paragraphs to be easier on the eye.

If the article is long or contains detailed technical content (code examples), consider breaking it into separate, shorter articles (Part 1 of 4) or maybe present the material in a different format (like a conventional Web page or write a book).