Watches are useful. My main requirements for a watch are:

  1. Display the precise time at all times.
  2. Do not need any maintenance like winding or changing the batteries.
  3. Automatically adjust for GMT/BST.
  4. Automatically adjust for current timezone anywhere in the world.
  5. Light. I don’t want or need a micro-computer on my wrist that also tells me the weather, my resting heartbeat and the altitude.

So I bought this Casio Waveceptor watch.

  1. This watch synchronises with a radio transmitter to guarantee the time is absolutely 100% correct at all times. I know this works because the watch is always precisely in sync with my digital TV service (and British Rail at Waterloo). The two transmitters are located in the UK and Germany but I rarely travel outside Europe.
  2. The watch is solar powered so does not need winding or any batteries. No more replacement batteries costing a fiver every two years. No more lengthy discussions about invalidating the warranty because the jeweller has to open up the back to fit the new battery.
  3. Yes.
  4. Almost but not quite. When travelling, you have to temporarily set your location to the current city and the watch adjusts automatically.
  5. The titanium strap means the watch is very light.

Close to absolute perfection.