I use Telewest Broadband and today I received an email informing me that my broadband service had been upgraded to from 1MB to 4Mb free of charge. As I am currently paying 25 GBP per month for the broadband connection, it is really a case of Telewest trying to keep up with the competition to avoid customers switching provider rather than a spontaneous act of goodwill.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, I then noticed that ‘Teleport’ (TV and video on demand) had appeared on my digital TV service as well. This promised me the chance to pause/rewind any of my favourite TV programs I had missed on the first showing. However, when I scanned the list, the choice was quite limited and fairly uninspiring - BBC News, Booze Britain, Eastenders, Most Haunted.

In fact, the only two TV programs I would want replayed are ‘Lost’ and ‘Early Doors’ so I guess I will stick with the old video recorder technology, record those on to tape and still be able to use those pause/rewind facilities.

Teleport Movies just seemed like FrontRow rebranded but with slightly more films available and the fact that you can choose the start time and view the film over an extended time period.